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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

2009/6/27 Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>
Guido Grazioli wrote:
>>From wikipedia:
> "Version 8.0 was also the second to include the
> Bluecurve<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluecurve> desktop
> theme <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theme_%28computing%29>. It used a
> common theme for GNOME-2 and KDE 3.0.2 desktops, as well as
> OpenOffice-1.0. KDE members did not appreciate the change, claiming that
> it was not in the best interests of KDE."

How's the history of Bluecurve relevant for the state of KDE in current
Fedora? Bluecurve isn't even the default anywhere in Fedora anymore! And
the state of KDE has changed a lot between RHL 8 and now. In particular,
KDE is now maintained by a community SIG (also including 3 RH folks), not
by a single person at RH. And the decisions are now taken by the SIG, not
RH. The RH employees work with our SIG the same way we volunteers do, they
don't get instructions dictated from above. And FWIW I still use Bluecurve,
I even ported it to KDE 4 (see Quarticurve) and I don't see what's wrong
with it.

       Kevin Kofler

Yep, bluecurve is not guilty here. The actor and the locations changed, but
what is always the same is that "an actor" wants a default desktop/theme for rh/fedora,
"another" feels hurt and wants no default, while the "folks" thinks thats irrelevant,
because they are *not* "ignorant masses".
The paradox here is that if fedora has to feed ignorant masses, you want a default desktop


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