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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Seth Vidal wrote:
> Actually, I disagree that it is an issue that was cause for [much]
> concern.

Look at this thread. Look at the comments about Fedora on KDE-centric sites.
And try to think of how many people are mildly annoyed by this, but not
enough to rant about it. And of how many people silently chose another
distro because of this. (This definitely does happen, I know because not
all do it silently. But most users don't blog about their distribution
choices. ;-) ) We're probably losing (or failing to gain) thousands of
users (including potential contributors, and in particular potential KDE
SIG contributors - KDE doesn't get more development in Fedora BECAUSE of
this second-class treatment, give KDE the same treatment as GNOME and the
contributors will come) because of this simple naming issue which is
trivial to fix (just add "GNOME" to the name of the GNOME-based spin).

> Fedora contributors elected representatives.

The word "representative" contains "represent". You're supposed to represent
the opinions of the people who elected you, not just your own.

        Kevin Kofler

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