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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Adam Miller wrote:
> As I have brought up to Kevin Kofler in IRC, I think before we did
> something like that we would need to first look into having the KDE
> SIG spawn up documentation that matches the gnome-centric docs

As I replied to you on IRC, I think it's the Docs Team's responsibility to
provide unbiased documentation. The GNOME documentation hasn't been written
by the GNOME maintainers either.

> As the Special Interest Group of KDE within Fedora I think it should
> be our responsibility to be the driving force behind providing
> equivalent support for KDE as Gnome currently receives and once the
> situation is such that KDE truly is getting equivalent back end
> support that it needs to be able to go "prime time" as a "First Class
> Citizen" (as it seems to be referred to) then this topic could be
> revisited.

As a KDE SIG member, I don't see what more we can or should do on our end.
KDE SIG is already providing a perfectly functional desktop. We're even
tracking upstream KDE releases in the updates. It's the core Fedora end
which needs to change.

        Kevin Kofler

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