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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

On 6/26/09, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
>  Other things which need changing to make KDE equally supported include:
>  * making it easier to select KDE on the DVD installer (by a radiobutton
>  before the package selection, which should also influence the package
>  selection's behavior, see below),

This actually sounds like a great idea and I think we might want to
file a ticket with the Anaconda developers as a RFE.

>  * fixing comps so task-oriented groups like "Sound&Video" aren't biased
>  towards GNOME apps (this most likely requires extending the comps format or
>  having separate comps-kde and comps-gnome - I think extending the format to
>  handle conditionals based on the desktop selected via radiobutton would be
>  the more maintainable solution in the long run): where I'd like to get to
>  is that if I select Sound&Video after having selected GNOME as the desktop,
>  I get Totem and Rhythmbox by default and kdemultimedia, Amarok and Kaffeine
>  as optional checkboxes, but if I select Sound&Video after having selected
>  KDE as the desktop, I get kdemultimedia, Amarok and Kaffeine by default and
>  Totem and Rhythmbox as optional checkboxes,

Also a great idea. +1

>  * no longer hiding the KDE live image behind an extra click on the webpage,

Again +1

>  * making sure KDE is taken into account when replacing core shared desktop
>  components like PolicyKit with incompatible versions (PolicyKit is just an
>  example here; thankfully, jreznik is taking care of PolicyKit 1 integration
>  with KDE)
>  and maybe some other things too.

This one I don't entirely agree with, I don't think the overall
project should be held back from forward movement in the upstream
technologies of the projects that Fedora is comprised of just because
KDE upstream isn't up to snuff.


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