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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 04:44:44AM +0200, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>Josh Boyer wrote:
>> As I said in the meeting, the underlying motivation of your proposal
>> appeared to me to be seated in more of a "promote KDE" manner than an
>> actual "call the Gnome spin Gnome."  In that sense, changing the name of a
>> spin will do nothing to further promote KDE.
>Of course it's not the only thing which needs fixing, but it's a pretty
>obvious one and certainly the least controversial one (but the reactions
>this simple unoffensive proposal for a mere name clarification has gotten
>don't leave me very hopeful for the other changes I'd like to see :-( ).

Perhaps that is the problem with your proposal.  It's putting the cart before
the horse.  If you have a list like the one below off the top of your head on
what needs to get fixed to further promote KDE, then perhaps making a change
that clarifies Gnome vs. KDE and creates two equal primary spins is premature.

>Other things which need changing to make KDE equally supported include:
>* making it easier to select KDE on the DVD installer (by a radiobutton
>before the package selection, which should also influence the package
>selection's behavior, see below),
>* fixing comps so task-oriented groups like "Sound&Video" aren't biased
>towards GNOME apps (this most likely requires extending the comps format or
>having separate comps-kde and comps-gnome - I think extending the format to
>handle conditionals based on the desktop selected via radiobutton would be
>the more maintainable solution in the long run): where I'd like to get to
>is that if I select Sound&Video after having selected GNOME as the desktop,
>I get Totem and Rhythmbox by default and kdemultimedia, Amarok and Kaffeine
>as optional checkboxes, but if I select Sound&Video after having selected
>KDE as the desktop, I get kdemultimedia, Amarok and Kaffeine by default and
>Totem and Rhythmbox as optional checkboxes,
>* no longer hiding the KDE live image behind an extra click on the webpage,
>* making sure KDE is taken into account when replacing core shared desktop
>components like PolicyKit with incompatible versions (PolicyKit is just an
>example here; thankfully, jreznik is taking care of PolicyKit 1 integration
>with KDE)
>and maybe some other things too.
>But even getting only parts of this stuff changed would make things better
>than the status quo. Fixing the GNOME-based spin's name to actually
>contain "GNOME" would be one such small, but significant improvement over
>the status quo and send an important message.

Sending a message is fine.  Sending a message before that message is completely
true seems to be remiss.

Just a thought.


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