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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> If the people don't think a politician is properly protecting their
> interest, than the next election cycle they should vote for someone else.

And this is not possible if all the big parties share the same position and
the small ones either get eliminated by cutoff rules or end up overvoted
all the time.

The issue in our case is that I was the only one running on a "KDE as a
first-class citizen" platform, so there was mathematically no way for
voters to give a majority to people defending this position. I'll see if I
can get more KDE SIG people to run for the next election(s) so voters
actually have a chance of getting their opinion represented by a majority.

> I ranked you fairly high in the vote, because I thought your voice in
> support of KDE would be good to have on the board, even though I use
> Gnome. I am not expecting you to switch to endorsing switching resources
> from KDE to Gnome if there is a poll that shows more Fedora users use
> Gnome than KDE.

Don't worry, there's no way I'd start defending GNOME just to get
elected. ;-)

I do think we need to listen to the consensus of the developers on the
mailing list to some extent (more than has happened in the past), but I'm
not going to vote against my electoral promises nor against KDE SIG's

        Kevin Kofler

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