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TeX Live 2008 available for testing

Good news everyone!

I've invented a device that installs TeX Live 2008 on your Fedora!

TeX Live 2008 is now packaged and available for testing. It is not in
Fedora yet because it requires reviews of couple of packages. But you
can test it before it happens.

If you want to give it a try, install this package:
# rpm -i http://jnovy.fedorapeople.org/texlive/texlive-release-2008-1.fc11.noarch.rpm

then you can do:
# yum install texlive

if you don't have texlive already installed. While upgrading from
older texlive release please remove all the texlive packages before the
upgrade, especially be sure that the /usr/share/texmf directory is
removed. This is because the famous directory -> symlink upgrade RPM

The packaging follows upstream packaging metadata so basically you
have the same package naming in upstream TeX Live. The fedora one is
prefixed with the "texlive-*" prefix.

Currently you can use metapackages to install TeX Live:


By default when you install TeX Live by "yum install texlive" the
scheme-basic is pulled in.

You can install collections as well, there are 84 of them, list is here:

You can install the individual packages as well, complete list is here:

For more information you can see the Feature page here:

I've put a lot of effort to reduce the total amount from ~4000 to the
current ~1600 source RPMs that need to be reviewed and imported into
Fedora. This is not an easy task but considering that all (except
the main one) of them are automatically generated it could be

Note that it is in testing state so (many) bugs could occur. There are
possible clashes with applications packaged separately (such as
dvipdfmx, etc.) so we may want to discuss these conflicts with
respective fedora package maintainers to fix them. In case you are a
maintainer of such package please send me an email to jnovy redhat com
so that we can sort it out on the TeX Live side (packages maintained
separately are preferred).


Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com>   http://people.redhat.com/jnovy/

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