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Building firefox


For some reason, firefox has become really unstable on the likes of eBay
and facebook (it crashes out after clicking on the login button). It
looks like it could be either a gcj issue or xulrunner.

I've tried to rebuild from the srpm, it built, but then when I try to
install I get

Error unpacking rpm package firefox-3.5-0.22.beta4.fc12.i586
error : unpacking of archive failed on
file /usr/lib/firefox-3.5b4/firefox;4a4615d6 : cpio : Digest mismatch
firefox-3.5-0.22.beta4.fc12.i586 was supposed to be removed but is not!

I've never come across this before and am wondering if there is some
sort of magic required to build firefox or if there is something else
going on.

Any chance of a real rebuild please?



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