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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

2009/6/27 Jon Stanley <jonstanley gmail com>:
> On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 6:25 PM, Adam Miller<maxamillion gmail com> wrote:
>> If it is official, I think it should at least get placed on the same
>> web page as the gnome/default one like it used to.


> We're well aware that the current download page is deficient.  The
> design team is actively working to correct that - it's very newbie
> oriented at this point, and harder if you know what you want.

I might understand it wrong. But from my point of view. It's not
newbie oriented at all. If it would be newbie oriented it would offer
information and give options to choose, included with some basic
screenshots of what the user gets after installation (GNOME and KDE at
least, if XFCE is a official Spin as well, then XFCE also).

Nobody cares about the "default Desktop" in Fedora. If i come from
another distribution, i already know what i want. But it matters for
newbies. Why not give them the freedom and the right to choose what
they want on the same Page, with enough information and screenshots

Oh and by the way, even the information already given is just poor.
How would a newbie decide of the arch he should use? Provide
information how he can find out on the same page, nicely linked.
Link information or use technics like ajax to provide information. You
will get a lot more users HAPPY with what they get.

Sometime at the FESCO meeting i thought really the "GNOME Fans" are
afraid of losing their "default" status over time. But thats just IMO.

Sorry, just my 2 cents.

LG Thomas

Dubium sapientiae initium

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