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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

On Sun, 28 Jun 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:

Seth Vidal wrote:
I think we have a handful of vocal opponents.

Where have you seen a hand with thousands of fingers? ;-)

luckily we don't have to implement every whim that the majority or
a vocal group yells about.

If you go against the wishes of the majority, that's per definition

1. Do you know what a representative democracy is?
2. I've yet to see this majority you speak of. President Nixon always talked about a great, silent majority except he was completely full of crap.

Decisions can be revised. If you aren't open to feedback from the community,
you are a bad representative.

So at no point do we stop arguing and allow decisions to be made? You just keep screaming and hurling invectives until you get your way? What sort of system is that? Rule by tantrum?


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