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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Naheem Zaffar wrote:
> The *community* is not objecting to it - just parts of it. and only
> recently - a year ago, the KDE desktop was ion no shape to be considered
> the primary desktop.

KDE 4.0.3 (which is the first KDE 4 version Fedora shipped) worked just fine
for daily use, I used it on my notebook computer just fine, and at 4.1.2
both my machines were running KDE 4. Most other KDE SIG members started
using KDE 4 full time even before me.

But anyway, it's pointless to argue whether KDE 4.0 was crap or not, the
fact is that KDE 4.2 (i.e. what we have now) is clearly a serious successor
to KDE 3.5 as one of the 2 main desktops.

> However there are a significant number of people who either like Gnome or
> simply do not care too much.

But are they opposed to calling the GNOME spin "GNOME spin" rather
than "Desktop spin"? If they don't care either way, fixing the name won't
hurt them in any way.

> PS are there any plans to give KDE a unified theme with gnome?

It already exists, it's called Bluecurve/Quarticurve. :-)

We also ship things like gtk-qt-engine and the QGtkStyle which is now part
of Qt 4.5 which allow using widget styles for one in the other.

> (I got KDE set up to my liking once - I accidentally only installed
> kdeworkspace and plasma, none of the KDE apps, and was thinking hey, this
> is not too bad. Nice and minimal too. Gotta say I am not a fan of the KDE
> apps as once I installed them, I decided to go back to gnome.)

Well, the KDE desktop can be used without the apps and vice-versa.

        Kevin Kofler

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