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Re: What decides that a package is multilib?

On 06/29/2009 10:58 AM, Mary Ellen Foster wrote:
Someone has just filed a bug that pl.i586 conflicts with pl.x86_64:

This is indeed true (I just verified it), but what I don't know is why
pl.i586 is in the multilib repository in the first place. How do
packages become multilib?

Thanks for any help,


some packages doesn't work with x86_64 version of library, so they need also i586 installed. The multilib is created by releng on maintainers or users demand. And they should be working when they are installed both on one machine. For example tcl is multilib and it doesn't conflict on installation. Problem could be f.e. different time stamp of build or something else ;-)
Marcela Mašláňová
BaseOS team Brno

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