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Suggestion re FESCO Ticket #170

Re the discussion at

The below suggestion tries to satisfy all parties:
- it presents a neutral default
- it presents a simple choice for newbie who doesnt know what a desktop is
- it shows the range of what is available
- it allows a specific choice
Design suggestion for the Fedora download page

Do you require a specific desktop ?
  [ * ]  I don't care
  [   ]  Fedora Live with GNOME
  [   ]  Fedora Live with KDE
  [   ]  Fedora Live with LXDE
  [   ]  Fedora Live with XFCE

The "I don't care" just links to whichever desktop is currently the "default".

Implementation of this logic doesn't require radio buttons. Just 2 links:
1) "click here for default"
2) or "click here to choose (go to a selection menu)"

Clicking link #1 gets you the default. Or clicking link #2 takes you
to a menu of links, one for each available choice.
Fedora policy specifies which desktop the user gets if they click the default.
But the above user interface design is independent of whichever one is
the default.

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