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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

2009/6/29 Michal Hlavinka <mhlavink redhat com>:
> On Friday 26 June 2009 20:50:58 Jon Stanley wrote:
>> ...
>>18:42:08 <Kevin_Kofler> Sweeping them under the carpet is bad.
>>18:42:16 <Kevin_Kofler> I also hate how x86_64 is being hidden.
>>18:42:21 <nirik> presenting them all on the top page is also fail.
>>18:42:22 <jds2001> and I defer to her on design decisions, since I
>>couldn't design my way out of a paper bag :)
>>18:42:29 <j-rod> hey, I was just going to mention x86_64
>>18:42:43 <nirik> perhaps we could come up with a better way somehow.
>>I'm sure they are open to creative ideas.
>>18:43:08 <Kevin_Kofler> jds2001: The problem is, if you read her
>>credentials (GNOME Women membership etc.), she's very biased.
>>18:43:13 <nirik> also, x86_64/i686 dual arch disks would be lovely.
>>18:43:33 <j-rod> so it should be "Get Fedora 11 GNOME Desktop Edition
>>for Intel Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III, early Pentium IV, Core
>>Duo, AMD Athlon XP, Athlon MP, Via C3... Now!"
>>18:43:33 * thomasj will make a main page and send it to the website
>>people, so they can decide if it's better or not.
>>18:43:56 <thomasj> eeww
>>18:44:07 <j-rod> (yes, I left some off, it got tiring typing that many
>>ancient crappy processors)
>>18:44:36 <Kevin_Kofler> I think i686 should be deprecated and clearly
>>advertised as only for old computers or netbooks, not catered for with
>>dual-arch disks.
>>18:44:48 <j-rod> ha. powerpc is more obviously displayed than x86_64 is
>> ...
> Is there any info message telling user something like: "You are installing
> 32bit system on 64bit hardware. Consider using 64bit system for better
> performance"?

AFAIK not in Fedora, if I remember me correctly, the SuSE installer
shows up such a message if you try to boot a X86 disk on a amd64
capable system.


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