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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

I wrote:
> At the rate of one update per month to every GNOME package?

PS: Some stats:
Over the lifetime of F9 (which is now almost over, that's why I picked F9):
* libgnome was not updated a single time (!) (it was updated a single time
in F10 with 2 packaging-only changes, but never in F9).
* kdelibs was updated 18 times, the last time was 2009-06-19.
Another example (still F9):
* evince got updated a single time on 2008-06-10 (to a bugfix release).
* kdegraphics got updated 13 times, last on 2009-06-19, several of those
updates fixed bugs, added features and/or updated translations (in matching
kde-l10n updates) for Okular (the KDE equivalent of Evince), though I don't
have the exact number (due to how KDE is distributed by upstream).

I'll stop here because I think you got the point. The stats for F10 and F11
so far don't look much better for GNOME, and I don't think I picked the
wrong packages for a comparison. (If you think I did, feel free to suggest

        Kevin Kofler

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