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Re: Suggestion re FESCO Ticket #170

On 06/29/2009 07:22 AM, Naheem Zaffar wrote:
The "I don't care" looks like "get me out of here!".

Not presenting a default choice is just bad usability. Those that know
about the different desktop environments should be offered an easy and
accessible way to get to them (I am not suggesting that the current page
does that - but presenting a false choice to many people already out of
their element trying this linux thingymajig may be enough to scare them
away.). Those that don't should not have to worry to much over such a page.

Probably should read "No Preference" vice "I don't care...." then the link can lead to a dialogue that explains the default or even provides some neutral facts about the other desktops. Keep the facts short.

I know that there is a debate about who the Fedora audience is, but if Fedora ever wants to be a contender desktop alternative for the non-techie, just give me something that lets me do my e-mail, facebook, write my college papers or whatever, it has to lose the "techie" overtones it currently has. Those of us who appreciate Fedora and enjoy living with rawhide will easily be able to quickly adopt the desktop we like or even play with multiple desktops. We can then hand out DVDs with David's menu to friends and associates and say, "Hey, try this one. You'll like it!!"

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