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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> On 06/28/2009 10:32 PM, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Rahul, I question the point of ... making laundry lists of pros, cons,
>> bugs
>> of desktop X vs Y...  I'm sure folks can come up with a similar list of
>> gnome (or other) related negative items, or kde-only features too but I
>> question it's constructiveness.
> The constructiveness if for KDE SIG and individuals to accept...

I am not going there... la la la.

>> 2.  A bigger question to me is what does it mean to be the "default"
>> desktop.  All this "it's the default because..." comments make me wonder
>> if
>> folks are just grasping for reasons to justify the status quo.  Where or
>> how
>> is this documented anywhere?  If it isn't, shouldn't it be?
> Why single out desktop environments? Is the justifications for all of
> our defaults documented anywhere? Shouldn't it be?

Indeed, amen brother, but you've gotta start somewhere.

-- Rex

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