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Heads Up: e2fsprogs library split-out

There have been a few requests to split out the various libraries in
e2fsprogs into subpackages:


Note that libblkid(-devel) has already been split out as it is now part
of util-linux-ng (thanks to kzak!) - an email was sent previously about

The following packages have BuildRequires: on e2fsprogs-devel, so
depending on what libs they required from the package, they may need to
shift to one of these new subpackages when they go in (hopefully today
or tomorrow).  I'll send another follow-up mail when it's done.


aconway: qpidc
aconway: rhm
anaconda-maint: anaconda
atkac: dump
ausil: silo
bpepple: evolution-brutus
bpepple: libepc
cmadams: ufiformat
danms: libvirt-cim
dcbw: NetworkManager
deji: gparted
deji: mpich2
deji: nautilus-actions
denis: k3d
drago01: fsarchiver
dwmw2: yaboot
ensc: util-vserver
gavin: squeak-vm
green: lash
grenier: testdisk
harald: readahead
ianweller: lordsawar
itamarjp: reiserfs-utils
ivazquez: mod_dnssd
ixs: e2tools
jgranado: parted
jnovy: mc
jorton: apr
jorton: apr-util
josef: btrfs-progs
jwboyer: jfsutils
karlik: gmediaserver
kasal: pmount
kraxel: xenner
kwizart: libewf
kzak: util-linux-ng
laxathom: gnubversion
lvm-team: cryptsetup-luks
mbarnes: samba4
mfasheh: ocfs2-tools
mitr: usermode
mjakubicek: ext3grep
nalin: krb5
nhorman: coda
nhorman: pam_kcoda
oget: muse
orphan: luks-tools
ovasik: inn
ovasik: quota
ovasik: star
pbrobinson: gupnp
pbrobinson: gupnp-tools
pbrobinson: rygel
rcritten: ipa
rishi: anjuta
rjones: zerofree
rstrode: gnome-utils
ruben: gearmand
salimma: Io-language
sandeen: e2fsprogs
sandeen: xfsdump
sandeen: xfsprogs
sindrepb: gtranslator
spot: ntfsprogs
ssp: libSM
steved: nfs-utils
steve: qtparted
sundaram: gnote
tbzatek: libarchive
tgl: postgresql
xris: dar

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