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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Kevin Kofler (kevin kofler chello at) said: 
> > It's not a default if you're providing a choice.
> I see no reason why we can't provide a choice of 2 desktops.

Because giving people a choice when they can't possibly make a good
informed decision is horrible UI.

If you've got someone new to Fedora, and they go to the page, asking
them to choose between Mumble and Frotz (and Moof, and Wobble), with
no other data (as exists right now on get-fedora, or even on the OpenSUSE
page), there's no way they can make a useful decision, and it's only
going to make their experience worse.

Go back to people who have asked for a button in the install to enable
/etc/init.d/network vs. NetworkManager, or (heaven forbid) asking for
a switch between NM and conman; neither of these are sane UI decisions
to make or choices to ask the user.

So, I look at the download page now, and I see the default. (which we're
going to have no matter what - if you think we should give the user
something random, well....) It says 'Desktop Edition ... *featuring
the GNOME desktop*'. I don't see that as misleading, so, I find your
proposal full of unnecessary drama.

If you want to change the download page in a way that makes the KDE image
more prominent while still remaining useful and informative, or want to
change something in comps that makes it more same from a composition install
standpoint, go ahead, please.

But that's *not the proposal you made*. In fact, the proposal you made reads
as "I want to promote KDE! We start by ... un-promoting GNOME!"  When you
follow that up in this thread with statements about how the KDE sig shouldn't
need to do anything else, and the docs and website people should start
providing you content/catering to you (as you yourself suggested, in essence
"it's core Fedora which needs to change"), all that does is make you sound


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