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Re: Heads Up: e2fsprogs library split-out

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> On 06/29/2009 09:08 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:
>> There have been a few requests to split out the various libraries in
>> e2fsprogs into subpackages:
>> libcom_err(-devel)
>> libss(-devel)
>> libuuid(-devel)
>> The following packages have BuildRequires: on e2fsprogs-devel, so
>> depending on what libs they required from the package, they may need to
>> shift to one of these new subpackages when they go in (hopefully today
>> or tomorrow).  I'll send another follow-up mail when it's done.
> Thanks for doing this. It is going to cause some confusion between
> libuuid and uuid however. These package descriptions could be updated to
> cross reference each other.

Ok, will do so for libuuid.  Right now the libuuid package description I
have is very sparse ;)


>> sundaram: gnote
> I will update to change the BR to libuuid-devel when there is a new
> upstream release.
> Rahul

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