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Re: FAO: Programmers Quick Q?

On 29/06/09 17:17, Mat Booth wrote:

As a software engineer, I am also interested in making Fedora the best
development distro out there (I do this by packaging Eclipse plug-ins)
and I think the formation of a SIG to look after development tools

That's why the sig should come first.

 but I'm having great
difficulty in identifying the need for a separate developer /spin/.
Presumably the target audience (people like you and I)

Valid Point

has the
where-with-all to discover and install their own tools and a pre-set
list of tools chosen for them is almost never going to cut it
(Netbeans users tend not to care for Eclipse and vice-versa)

 so who is
the spin for, exactly?

The hope will be to use it to attract new developers, whether at their work years, or new in\out of College. To get a taste of f\l\oss programming.


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