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Re: Heads Up: e2fsprogs library split-out

Eric Sandeen <sandeen redhat com> writes:
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
>> Any chance that in the interim, e2fsprogs-devel could Require: these
>> new split out packages (if it doesn't already)?

> For now it only requires libcom_err-devel, from inspection it looks like
> that's the only set of headers that the e2fsprogs-devel headers include ...

> I could do this though - but when would it get removed again; would it
> be better to go with the short sharp shock and just clean it up in the
> early phase of F12? :)

+1 for just do it.  There is not a whole lot of point to refactoring the
package if dependent packages don't pick up the refactoring.

AFAIR, the only reason postgresql BR's this is because libcom_err is
depended on by krb5, which it uses.  I wonder whether the separate BR is
still needed at all --- shouldn't a BR on krb5-devel be sufficient?

			regards, tom lane

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