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Re: Raising the bar

>> Focus on rawhide will mean the next release will see the improvements :)
> That means, that the next release will be untested, as usual. So why
> create another useless initiative?

Huh? your on the devel list and you don't use rawhide? Maybe I should
introduce you to the fedora-test list.....

> Please, keep in mind, that almost nodoby using Rawhide == nobody will
> participate except few paid Red Hat developers == useless initiative.
> I repeat - this initiative should be based only (exclusively) on
> current releases.

What a load of crap! I use rawhide as do hundreds of other testers. I
don't use it on my work laptop until feature freeze but I do use it on
my home laptop, netbook, a number of VMs and servers and I know LOTs
of other people do......

Given that the release CD/DVD images/isos don't get updated and until
they update there's no improvement what's the point?


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