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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> If you've got someone new to Fedora, and they go to the page, asking
> them to choose between Mumble and Frotz (and Moof, and Wobble), with
> no other data (as exists right now on get-fedora, or even on the OpenSUSE
> page), there's no way they can make a useful decision, and it's only
> going to make their experience worse.

If they have never heard of GNOME and KDE before, they should look it up. We
can make that easy for them, just link to an informational page for each!
The right solution is to allow users to make an informed choice, not to
promote ignorance and laziness by patronizing our users.

> So, I look at the download page now, and I see the default. (which we're
> going to have no matter what - if you think we should give the user
> something random, well....) It says 'Desktop Edition ... *featuring
> the GNOME desktop*'. I don't see that as misleading, so, I find your
> proposal full of unnecessary drama.

But why can't it say "GNOME Desktop Edition"? The "featuring the GNOME
desktop" part isn't even in the title, only in the description. It's
missing entirely on get-fedora-all, there's only a GNOME foot logo hinting
at it there. And in many places (documentation, ML discussions etc.) the
spins get referred to only by their title, so it makes a difference whether
that information is part of the title or just of some description which
happens to be on the download page.

        Kevin Kofler

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