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Re: FAO: Programmers Quick Q?

Mat Booth wrote:
> As a software engineer, I am also interested in making Fedora the best
> development distro out there (I do this by packaging Eclipse plug-ins)
> and I think the formation of a SIG to look after development tools
> (much like the Perl SIG) is a good idea but I'm having great
> difficulty in identifying the need for a separate developer /spin/.
> Presumably the target audience (people like you and I) has the
> where-with-all to discover and install their own tools and a pre-set
> list of tools chosen for them is almost never going to cut it
> (Netbeans users tend not to care for Eclipse and vice-versa)

And some people hate both (mainly because they're in Java :-) ) and prefer
KDevelop, Anjuta, Code::Blocks or whatever. Or even just a plain text
editor, of which we have dozens in Fedora.

Another big issue is what -devel packages to ship. A KDE application
developer will have little to no use for GNOME -devel packages and
vice-versa. The old Developer spin had only the GNOME -devel stuff on it
(it didn't even ship KDE at all), which made it completely uninteresting to
me. And there are tons of libraries programmers may want to use, we can't
ship them all, along with their respective -devel packages, on one spin.

        Kevin Kofler

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