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Re: KSplice in Fedora?

On Mon, 2009-06-29 at 17:21 -0500, King InuYasha wrote:
> I was reading an article today in ComputerWorld about something called
> KSplice, which allows Linux users to install critical updates and
> patch in without rebooting the computer. I tried it and while it was a
> bit odd for installing (not auto-disabling the Ubuntu update system),
> it worked very well. I think something like this would be great for
> Fedora as well, possibly something for Fedora 12.
> Would it be possible to implement this or something similar for
> Fedora?

The ksplice tools have been included in Fedora since around f8. This
gives you the bits you need to create and apply ksplice updates to a
running system.

The difference with what Ksplice inc. are now offering for Ubuntu is
that they also provide a stream of pre-prepared updates for the released
Ubuntu kernels (the "Uptrack" service).


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