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Re: Installing Fedora with software based synthesizer for sceenreader

Den 2009-06-30 09:28, Caolán McNamara skrev:
Is is possible to *install* Fedora using our accessibility support out
of the box, specifically do we have support for installing fedora and
have a software based synthesizer available for the screen reader during
installation ?

I suppose the live image is probably the easiest way. Are all the required components included? Also, an accessible method of enabling them would be required. Then, is Anaconda/liveinst accessible if run in a suitably configured desktop session?

Making {pxe,iso,sys}linux accessible and adding an option there would be one way, but that seems hard or not very good. (Press 'a' when it goes "bleep blaap" or something like that.)

Perhaps the two LiveUSB tools we have could benefit from options that will enable the a11y bits for the live desktop session? (Probably by adding yet another kernel command line option.) That way one could even use an accessible Windows desktop to create an a11y-enabled Fedora LiveUSB. (Is liveusb-creator and Gtk2 on Windows accessible?) Care would perhaps need to be taken to make sure that a11y is also enabled by default in the Fedora installation that liveinst produces, though that's not as important because GDM does have an accessible way to enable a11y.

/abo (who could cross-post this all over the place considering how much it covers, but won't)

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