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Re: Suggestion re FESCO Ticket #170

Adam Miller wrote:
> That's actually a little different, Kubutu and Xubuntu are considered
> completely separate distributions from within the Ubuntu community.

That wasn't really my point (it was about their use of just one letter for
each desktop environment), but...

> They all have disjoint development teams (though *some* do cross
> distros in their development efforts) really the only thing they share
> is a package repository, but so do distros like Mint.
> This is an aspect of Fedora that I really like, I always felt it
> foolish to have a different distro for each Desktop Environment.

... +1. :-)

That said, Kubuntu and Xubuntu aren't really completely separate either,
they're just marketed as such. They're really just spins from the same
repository. The way they're marketed as "separate" is really silly.

        Kevin Kofler

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