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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Seth Vidal wrote:
> It really wasn't my main argument. My main argument was that we need a
> default no matter what and that adding 'GNOME' to the label doesn't change
> anything

If it doesn't change anything, why can't we add it? That argument doesn't
make sense.

> and adds to the confusion of new users. 

How so? I see quite the opposite, i.e. it removes confusion! And
incidentally, that's also what it'd change (so it changes something).

How is it not confusing to users to have a spin called just "Desktop"?
If "KDE Desktop" has KDE, what does "Desktop" contain? Something other than
KDE, most likely, but that's all the name says. And taken by
itself, "Desktop" could be anything: KDE, GNOME, even Sugar. Or all on the
same spin. Calling it "GNOME Desktop" makes it clear it's GNOME and does
not remove any information (it just adds a word)!

And even if you know the "Desktop" spin contains GNOME, you may still think
that having the GNOME spin called just "Desktop" implies it's the only
desktop. That's actually a pretty rational assumption, as normally when
there's more than one asdf, you don't just say "asdf Edition", but "Foo
asdf Edition" to distinguish it from "Bar asdf Edition".

        Kevin Kofler

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