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20090228's rawhide updates

First off, it worked fine. Installed some 1800 packages automatically (I
feared I'd have to upate by pieces due to not enough space in /, usr,

But on rebooting today there are some weird things going on:

- Gnome Terminal has white background, but any text is black on
  red. This is definitlely not what the profile says.

- Some pages in Firefox show strangely. I.e., the "Firefox closed,
  should I reopen the previous tabs" is _very_ wide, the buttons have
  normal sized text (a few words each), but are around a screen wide
  each. The start page for LWN <http://lwn.net> has a _HUGE_ "Headlines
  for today" text (some 1/3 of a screen high)

- An external USB mouse is still not working at all

- xemacs still crashes trying to find helvetica fonts
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