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Re: Purging the orphans

Jesse Keating wrote:
> It's that time of the release cycle, where we purge the unblocked
> orphans from rawhide.  I just wrote a script to easily discover
> these (only takes a few seconds).  I haven't yet fed these into any
> useful repoclosure runs though.  First I'd like to just post the
> list and give folks a chance to pick them up before spending more
> time on it.
> Unblocked orphan libid3tag

I'm not sure what makes libid3tag show up as an orphan.  I have
ownership of it for rawhide and the stable Fedora branches.  It's
orphaned in EPEL 5, though I did push an update to EL-5 when a small
security bug was found last year.

At any rate, I have packages which depend on libid3tag still, so I
don't want to see it killed off just yet.  And if I need to toggle
some switches to keep that from happening, just let me know. :)

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