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Re: qt 4.5: qdoc3 missing?

Rex Dieter wrote:

> Michel Salim wrote:
>> I'm packaging the new IDE that was released together with Qt 4.5,
>> qt-creator. It requires tools/qdoc3, which does not seem to be
>> available in any of the qt-* packages. I'm trying to fix my Rawhide
>> install now, so I'm not on Linux, but it appears that both Ubuntu and
>> Gentoo have recently changed their qt packaging to install qdoc:
> Thanks for the heads up.  It would appear to be an upstream issue that qt
> doesn't build/install this tool by default.

Looks like qdoc is not built purposely, per it's own README:
qdoc3 is the tool used to generate the Qt reference documentation.
The source code is included as part of this package primarily to 
fulfill our GPL obligations. We highly recommend using Doxygen for
generating documentation for your QT-based application.

That said, if qt-creator genuinely needs it, we can hack around that... then
proceed to threaten upstream with a pointy clue-stick.

-- Rex

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