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Re: Executable example scripts in documentation

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

The above review is blocked because I want to include three example
scripts in the documentation, and I want them to be executable so that
people can run them without an unnecessary extra step.

rpmlint warns about this (spurious-executable-perm).  But I think rpmlint
is wrong.

There are scant guidelines about this - just one oblique reference in
a "packaging mistakes" page.  There is no convincing explanation I can
find as to why including an executable script in documentation is a
bad thing.

They sometimes pull in additional dependencies.

We also have lots of executable examples already, and quite rightly so:

find /usr/share/doc/ -perm /111 -a \! -type d

Yes, I include them in some of my own packages. Care is needed to avoid unwanted dependencies (they can be filtered out if you're aware of them, but again you need to be careful not to prune any real dependencies) but it certainly shouldn't be a review blocker.


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