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Re: yum-builddep pulling in i386 packages for x86_64 -devel dependencies

On Fri, 06 Mar 2009 11:41:34 -0500, James wrote:

> On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 07:05 -0800, Tom London wrote:
> > Are you saying that, for example, gnome-panel.x86_64 should change its
> > requires of gnome-session-xsession to
> > 
> > gnome-session-xsession%{_isa}
>  It probably doesn't need to.
> > If so, I'm guessing there are "lots of these".
>  The cases where you have to add it are:
> 1. You have a dep. from pkgA to pkgB where the arch _must_ be the same
> (Eg. any dep. on coreutils doesn't require a specific arch, because you
> are just running a program).
> 2. pkgA doesn't have anything that would require the correct arch. (so
> anything with a libpkgB.so()(64bit) shouldn't have any explicit
> requires, and will just work).

This applies to audit-libs-devel. It contains two 64-bit soname deps.
> 3. pkgB is multilib.

All -devel pkgs and their dependencies are unless blacklisted.
> ...the "majority" of cases where it's a problem are things that have
> deps. on *-devel pkgs. Esp. if you have pkgA-devel requires pkgB-devel,
> usually the only way to do that is via. an explicit requires on
> pkgB-devel%{_isa}.
>  Obviously you can still do it if #3 isn't true, but it's not as big a
> deal.

A packaging guidelines change would be needed if what you write is true.

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