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Re: Mono 2.4 and f11

Paul wrote:
> My question is this - when is f11 going into freeze mode? I'm asking
> just in case 2.4 isn't out on monday. It would certainly be quite a coup
> if we can get 2.4 out as part of the distro as everyone else is still
> messing with 2.0.1 or 2.2!

Well, you've been shipping 2.4 prereleases all along, so getting 2.4 final
in after the beta and before the final devel freeze should not be a

That said, I think it would probably be better to get it into the beta so it
can get testing. If you can get it built by March 10 06:00 UTC (yes, that's
6 AM UTC, so count March 9 as the last day), it'll get into the beta
automatically (but be careful with breaking dependencies). If you think you
can't manage that, then talk to rel-eng about getting it tagged late. The
release of the beta is on March 24, but count a week or so for mirroring,
so the sooner you build it and get it tagged by rel-eng, the better.

If you think that's too short of a timeline, wait for after the beta (or at
least after the beta freeze, so half-done stuff doesn't go into the beta)
and build it by April 14 (final development freeze), again, the sooner the

        Kevin Kofler

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