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Re: [ANNOUNCE] pgAdmin - notice of intent to change licence

pgAdmin license change again :-)

On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 1:45 PM, Dave Page <dpage pgadmin org> wrote:
> I recently posted a notice publicising the pgAdmin Development Team's
> intent to change the licence of pgAdmin from the Artistic Licence v1.0
> to v2.0 in order to address ambiguities with the original text.
> Unfortunately we were unable to change the licence as we had hoped,
> and in order to resolve the problems encountered have decided to
> change the licence to the PostgreSQL variant of the BSD licence
> instead.
> If you have contributed to the pgAdmin project in the past and have
> not received an email about the change from me already, please contact
> me as soon as possible with any comments, questions or objections.
> We intend to go ahead with the licence change on or shortly after the
> 23rd March 2009.
> Regards, Dave.
> --
> Dave Page
> pgAdmin Project Lead
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