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Re: Password Reset

On Monday 09 March 2009 10:01:19 Mike McGrath wrote:
> So the password reset generally went off without a hitch but a lot of
> people forgot to reset their password or just plain didn't and I'm
> wondering if it's because of where I sent the notifications to so I
> thought I'd ask.  Would you generally like password reset requests to go
> to:
> username fedoraproject org (the alias that directs to your email addr)
> the email address we have listed
> or both?

username fedoraproject org works great for me.  I wonder if anyone discarded 
the email without following up because they have been trained by spammers to 
ignore unsolicited password reset emails and did not look closely at your 

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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