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Re: yum-builddep pulling in i386 packages for x86_64 -devel dependencies

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Tom Lane (tgl redhat com) said:
RPM already tracks architecture for detected library dependencies. This
really only comes into play for BuildRequires that could reasonably be
multilib and any hardcoded library requires. So, not 75% of packages.
More like 2%.
That doesn't make me feel better unless there's some pretty clear rule
for figuring out which packages are the 2%.  Right at the moment it
seems to me that *any* BuildRequires is vulnerable, because a SRPM by
definition has no library dependencies.  Please explain why it's not.

If foo-devel requires foo, due to libfoo.so being a symlink to libfoo.so.3,
the architecture is already tracked.

If foo-devel reqires bar-devel, it is not.


gcc suffers the same issue with glibc-devel.


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