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Re: Password Reset

2009/3/10 Till Maas <opensource till name>
On Mo März 9 2009, Mike McGrath wrote:
> So the password reset generally went off without a hitch but a lot of
> people forgot to reset their password or just plain didn't and I'm
> wondering if it's because of where I sent the notifications to so I
> thought I'd ask.  Would you generally like password reset requests to go
> to:
> username fedoraproject org (the alias that directs to your email addr)
> the email address we have listed
> or both?

Please send it only once, I do not care to which address. But here are some
suggestions for improvement:

1) Please use a consistent subject for these mails:

February: Fedora Project Password Reset Request
December(1): FAS Password Change Request
December(2): FAS Password

2) The mail from 2009-02-09 only said, that the password will expire. It was
not mentioned that also further action will occur, e.g. afaik the contents of
fedorapeople.org where moved. E.g. I only changed my password because I had to
submit a security update, but otherwise I would not have cared for an expired
password, because of little available time for Fedora work right now.
Nevertheless I would have cared about moved fedorapeople.org contents or
missing CVS notifications.

3) A two week deadline is imho too short. It may be especially bad if the
fedorapeople.org contents are really moved and someone who is on vacation
hosts a shared SCM there or other contents of wide interest.


fedora-devel-list mailing list
fedora-devel-list redhat com

For me, all mail with the words "password change" or "password reset" in any combination is automatically sent to a special spam folder because I literally get hundreds of those kinds of emails a week. It got so annoying that I set up a filter to block it and send it out. The only reason I found out now was because this was my monthly pruning through the spam mail day.

In the future, it would be better to set it up in the interface that when a person logs in with an expired password, it tells you that the aforementioned password is expired and goes to a reset prompt.

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