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Re: Please fix your bugs in release instead of rawhide!

Am Dienstag, den 10.03.2009, 10:48 -0400 schrieb Jeremy Katz:
> On Tuesday, March 10 2009, Christoph Wickert said:
> > Am Dienstag, den 10.03.2009, 15:21 +0530 schrieb Rahul Sundaram:
> > > Christoph Wickert wrote:
> > > > A note to all Fedora maintainers and especially to the Red Hat people
> > > > who are involved in development every day:
> > > > 
> > > >            Please fix your bugs [1] in the release they were
> > > >          filed against instead of just closing them NEXTRELASE!
> > > 
> > > Doesn't that depend on how serious the bugs are? Sometimes upstream has 
> > > gone way ahead, changed their configuration format etc and backporting 
> > > the fix or just pushing the update with all the other changes is too 
> > > invasive.
> > 
> > Agreed, but in the case I have in mind
> >       * the bug is so serious that he makes the package not working
> >       * we are upstream and
> >       * there is nothing to backport. Nevertheless the maintainer told
> >         me to get the rawhide package.
> So, as the person who has apparently pissed you off this morning, it's
> not as trivial as you're making it out to be.  

I don't think that I made it trivial. We were talking about two bugs
yesterday. One of them requires a lot of changes (# 489431), that's why
I wrote that 99% of the fixes should be easy to backport. Obviously
489431 is not.

The other one (# 473584) is an easy to fix crash. I have been spending
time on troubleshooting it yesterday, because you were not able to
reproduce it, so you closed it right away. I found the issue, provided
the details you asked for, but you just closed the bug again 10 minutes
later for it was fixed in rawhide (although not really verified). At
this point a bug reporter/triager feels you are not valuing his efforts
but pulling his leg.

I have to admit that I was pissed off, but this is because it was not
the first time you "fixed" a bug this way. Remember bug 318811?
livecd-tools were broken in F7 for nearly 8 months you did not fix it,
although you already had the fixes in rawhide when I reported that bug.
In the end the person who fixed was Robert Scheck, not you as the

Please don't get me wrong: I don't want to point fingers, that's why I
did not provide names or bug numbers at first. I just wanted to clarify
things for all Fedora maintainers and especially Red Hat people, because
I have seen many of them behaving just like you.


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