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Re: WANTED: Clever solution for Transifex storage

On Mi März 11 2009, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams wrote:

> Right now, a stock install of the transifex package
> creates /var/lib/transifex. This directory and everything beneath it is
> currently owned by root:root. What needs to happen is that it needs to
> be read/written by whatever is running Transifex, be that as a
> standalone Django app, via httpd, or some other HTTP server. Frankly, I
> got nothing. Anyone else have any ideas?

The best solution I found for me if I want to rw access a directory with 
different users is to use bindfs:


It allows to bind mount a directory with fuse and presenting different 
permissions to different users. It can also ensure that users do not mess the 
permissions, e.g. disallowing other users to write to something.


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