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Re: DeviceKit is marked complete, what about utf8

> - Has anyone reported this to the KDE devs? Otherwise how do you expect it to get fixed?

I'm a gnome user now, to me that's not a priority
because the problem is not with this object or that library
the problem is the developers are not educated well regarding
they assume many stupid assumptions and they are happy with that mentality

we have done that before till things are fine in 3.5
do we have to teach them the same silly things over and over
it's not rocket engineering, it's just a trivial principle of design
all the hard work is already done, the problems are not regarding the
complex text rendering engine
they are regarding laying out things, Qt knows how to stack things the
right way but someone thought that he is too smart to use those
routines in the library and he wrote his own hard coded values of Xs
and Ys

not only in kde, for example the timeline in pitivi ..etc.

even html have this design problem [instead of start/end they use left/right]

the problem with kde is not the have a piece that is not RTL or BiDi
safe, but it's that they choose to jump to the wagon of plasma before
making sure it's acceptable to at least some level

so obvious problems that can be discovered by just running kde and
looking into the surface.

I just went into that subject to ask is fedora going to do the same
thing with utf8
ie. knowing that utf8 is the right thing but choosing to drop that for
no good reason

so could we back to the topic, we have less than two months for the release

are we prepared to handle the bugs that we know in advance that we are
going to introduce

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