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Re: Add [fedora-student-project] keyword to Bugzilla?

Chris Tyler wrote:
Mozilla has recently added a 'student-project' keyword[0] to their
bugzilla to identify bugs and RFEs that are good candidates for student
projects -- they have a moderate scope (not trivial, but doable in a
month or two), they're not release-blocking, and there is an interest in
getting them done (the community will help with questions).

KDE has had "junior jobs" longer! ;-)

I think this is a great idea, and propose we add a similar keyword to
the Fedora bugzilla (since it's also the Red Hat bugzilla, the keyword
should probably be 'fedora-student-project'). This would be useful for
schools seeking student projects[1] and helpful when putting together
summer coding ideas[2].

To clarify, are you intending to mark things that are "easy", or things that are GSOC-fodder (i.e. both "easy" *and* will take a few months)?

Tagging "easy" bugs as good "feet-wetting" activities is probably a good idea. For GSOC-fodder type stuff, I think Bruno has the right idea to put it on a wiki.

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