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Re: DeviceKit is marked complete, what about utf8

Muayyad AlSadi wrote:
> I'm a gnome user now, to me that's not a priority
> because the problem is not with this object or that library

The only way these bugs will ever get fixed is if they get reported to
https://bugs.kde.org/ . Posting them on some mailing list most KDE
developers don't even read is completely unproductive and unhelpful

> the problem is the developers are not educated well regarding
> internationalization
> they assume many stupid assumptions and they are happy with that mentality

They may not know about all the RTL issues, but that's exactly why you have
to report them! Most developers grew up in environments where text is
written from left to right, so we aren't always conscious of the issues
involved. Only pointing them out can get them fixed.

And I strongly doubt anybody is "happy with that mentality". They just
aren't aware that there are any issues because people don't bother
reporting them!

> we have done that before till things are fine in 3.5
> do we have to teach them the same silly things over and over

Yes, because new developers join who are not familiar with the issues yet,
and new issues can come up which didn't exist before.

> it's not rocket engineering, it's just a trivial principle of design

It's not that trivial when all the text you've ever read is written LTR,
which is the case for most European or American developers.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot read Arabic or Hebrew, nor did we grow up
reading the writings of Leonardo da Vinci (which are written in mirrored
Italian). ;-(

> all the hard work is already done, the problems are not regarding the
> complex text rendering engine
> they are regarding laying out things, Qt knows how to stack things the
> right way but someone thought that he is too smart to use those
> routines in the library and he wrote his own hard coded values of Xs
> and Ys

Well, the KNetWalk issue is actually the opposite, they're mirroring
coordinates where they shouldn't.

Where graphics are involved, there's no magic, it cannot be automatically
determined whether they should be mirrored or not. And guess what, in
modern UIs (especially things like Plasma, games etc.), there _will_ be
graphics involved. So left/right orientation is something which has to be
accunted for carefully and explicitly.

> I just went into that subject to ask is fedora going to do the same
> thing with utf8
> ie. knowing that utf8 is the right thing but choosing to drop that for
> no good reason
> so could we back to the topic, we have less than two months for the
> release
> are we prepared to handle the bugs that we know in advance that we are
> going to introduce

Well, in KDE there will be no bug because KDE takes care of mounting devices
with the utf8 flag.

                                                            (-; sdrager dniK
                                                        Kevin Kofler

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