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ISA IDE no longer supported?

So, I pulled out a Toshiba Satellite 325CDS (P233 MMX) laptop for the
purpose of GPS logging for OpenStreetMap. The idea being I can leave it
in my car and if anything I feel sorry for the idiot who bothers to
steal such a fossil. Unfortunately I can't get F10 to install on it. The
kernel sees no IDE controllers. It seems the "new" libata drivers do not
work with plain old ISA IDE. Pentium era laptops typically didn't have
PCI IDE. Another nail in the coffin for i586.

Is this supposed to work, or am I on my own?

My SystemRescueCD v1.0.2 won't work either, with the default (libata)
kernel. But it has an alternate kernel that has the old IDE drivers,
which works. So I either have to hack around with custom kernels, or
maybe just run CentOS 5 instead...

(Annoyingly Windows XP works just fine...)

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