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Re: Ext4 data loss

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Bojan Smojver wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure Fedora kernel folks are familiar with this:
>> https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/317781
>> And the associated fixes.
>> Are Ted's patches, that are queued up for 2.6.30, going to be applied to
>> F-11 (and F-10) 2.6.29 kernels or not? Asking just out of curiosity.
> I sure hope they will. This is pretty much a blocker for the KDE spin.
>         Kevin Kofler

They are in F11, yes.

Chuck said he'd merge them to F10 as well.

Kevin, now that ext4 has introduced the Linux world to the concept of
buffered data and fsync .... ;)

Do you know people who know people who can maybe see about making KDE
more robust without requiring the filesystem to play nanny for the
config files?  :)



p.s. everyone please go read

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