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Re: /var/cache/mock

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

with today's FC10 mock update, mock has started to use
instead of
as it used to do.

I'm the one who filed this bug report....

This change causes mock to re-populate its caches from scratch, while leaving its old cache untouched.

I have no idea, why this change has been applied mid-life time of a distribution, but users with low bandwidth connections or with many repo-caches active (e.g. me [1]) would have been grateful if this change wasn't applied at this point in time rsp. be done in a less intrusive way.

This bug was affecting people who don't have 1GB of empty storage space in
/var. My machines were filling up /var which in some cases was also /) due
to the large number of updates downloaded by yum in the wrong directory.

So this was not a "feature" that should have been postponed to a new release.
It was actually causing problems for people right now.


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