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Re: F10 Fresh Vanilla Install with Updates Has Broken NetworkManager

> I don't think it would be ignored, however its just hard to express that
> in a distro agnostic way.  Avoiding hardcoded hacks specifically for
> Fedora is one of the goals of anaconda upstream.

Perhaps Anaconda (or Yum?) should have a slight refactoring of the way
it handles repositories.

It could be able to flag a repository as a "subset" of another
repository (DVD <= Main), and one repository as dependent on another.
(Updates -> Main).

Then, enabling Updates should automatically enable Main.  But since
Main is just a superset of DVD, yum (or Anaconda) know to use DVD
packages whenever present to cut the install time.

This could be yum logic (lot of refactoring there, upstream changes,
maybe a bad idea) or perhaps just logic on the Anaconda side at the
select-repository-screen.  Anaconda could just handle the subset logic
itself using yum costs in a way to prefer the subset repository first.

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