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Re: EeePC 900 vs. 900A

Peter Robinson wrote:
I'm not sure of the differences between the 900 and the 900a but the
901 doesn't have wifi out of the box but the driver in rpmfusion works
Realtek 802.11n chip?

BTW, is a Ralink chip

Something like that. Its something like the rt2860 driver. I think it
has crappy stuff like stuff in /etc
That's the one.
Supposedly the driver is under a rewrite to be included in the upstream
kernel, but I am not aware about the current status.

Its been in a rewrite state for ages with what seems like no real
progress. I read somewhere the USB variant would be done first but
that hasn't seemed to materialise yet.

More than half year ago it was supposed to be ready for kernel 2.6.29[1], but since then I took the "easy way" with the akmod from rpmfusion and didn't follow the development.

[1] http://marc.info/?l=linux-netdev&m=121800946112830&w=2

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