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Re: opening ACLs

> On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 5:51 PM, Manuel Wolfshant
>> Hello
>> What's the proper procedure of asking for opening the ACLs of gdal and
>> related packages (so that the provenpackager group could fix them) ? The

+1 to getting a decision on this and opening up these ACLs!

>>>>> "JS" == Jon Stanley  writes:

JS> I'm not sure we (FESCo) ever reached a decision on this. I'll add that
JS> (very old) ticket to the meeting agenda for this week. I think that
JS> what we were leaning towards is a retroactive review of everything
JS> that wasn't open. With the recent provenpackager reseed, it's probably
JS> time to take it up again.

JS> Thanks for the reminder!

Is there a link to that ticket?  Couldn't find one on


The particular maintainer in question FAS name is "rezso" and I have
tried repeated attempts to contact him, and although he has built some
of the packages during the times attempted communication, he has not
responded directly to e-mail or to requests in bugs to either explain
or open up the ACLs.  I suspect that he is not deliberately excluding
people, but probably doesn't think it's a priority to respond to or
fix the ACLs.

I would be happy if FESCo could just have someone with access to pkgdb
to simply enable the "provenpackager" on the rawhide branches packages
currently locked out of provenpackager.  That would be enough to get
the ball rolling on fixing the packages.


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